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You owe it to your baby to get a better phone

I’ve been having this discussion with ITMama who has an old EVO 3D, fairly notorious for having a pretty slow, off-color, and blurry camera about the necessities of getting a better phone for capturing our daughter’s youth, but I decided to finally put my thoughts into blog form so they’re there.

Capturing life’s magic moments

Happy baby
11 shots to get one usable

Before I had a rugrat I would never have thought I needed to have burst mode or a camera where I can see the fine hairs on a baby’s face at three feet away, but things I have learned with these are with burst mode you don’t only get one shot, you get 10, 20, etc and can go through and find that 1/8th of a second where your baby flashed that magic smile.

Want to take a picture of baby in her crib without using a flash which will wake her up? Phones like the HTC One have fat-ass CMOS sensors that although lower in resolution are significantly better at picking up images in low-light conditions than older higher megapixel cameras.

Your child is going to crawl, walk, and speak when you’re not expecting it. Do you want to be lugging around camera equipment that will need to be found, charged, turned on, and potentially cleaned before you get the shot, or do you want to whip out a cell phone and take the video/picture/Instagram?

Provide the unexpected

Baby going mad? Whip out your phone and slap on the Chica Show which has all their episodes free on YouTube. Need to entertain a bored out of her mind baby but have to do something silly like drive? Slap on Baby View, a moisture resistant case, viola problem solved.

Tired youngster needs music and a nap? Baby soothing station provided by your music or Pandora.

Want to check your toddler’s heart rate? There’s an app for that.

Of course, ignore this if your phone takes amazing pictures, and is pretty speedy. Also remember that the world’s best phone isn’t going to make your pictures any better if you don’t know how to take a photo, and unfortunately that’s the case with the majority of people whose photos are foul.

That’s about it, if you want those memories preserved, invest in a phone with a camera, not a camera. These moments will happen when you don’t expect them, and everyone keeps their phone around them these days.

Paul King

Paul King lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and cats. He writes for Pocketables, theITBaby, and is an IT consultant along with doing tech support for a film production company.