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Taking the Android remote baby monitor to new heights

Advanced remote baby monitor
Maggie watches the Muppet Show. The tablet watches and listens to Maggie and broadcasts it to my cell phone when she’s napping and I have to leave the office.

I wrote a while ago about how to make a remote baby monitor using a deactivated Android device, and I also wrote about using your office phone as a rigged up baby monitor, but today I have a new twist on devices and baby monitoring at work or around the house.

So, as an ITperson with theITbaby in tow, you sort of need the ability to use both your hands and not be making a lot of noise when working in client’s offices. In my particular situation I’m an IT guy for the building – four floors of wires, routers, wifi access points, etc.

For this experiment you’ll need one Android device as the monitoring base or you can use the office speakerphone method if you don’t have WiFi around. You’ll also need a pair of earbuds or look cool and slick with a blinking Bluetooth headset.

Scenario 1: WiFi base, flakey WiFi

  • Download and install Skype on your two devices
  • Disconnect your mobile device from the WiFi
  • Call from the now-on-cell phone to the WiFi base unit
  • Slap on headset, earphone, etc
  • Turn off screen, verify audio is still streaming
  • You have an Android remote baby monitor

Scenario 2: Computer base, WiFi

  • Install Winamp & Shoutcast (or Skype if you want to do it the easy way)
  • Position microphone near baby
  • Connect to WiFi on android device
  • Connect to Shoutcast source via Android
  • baby monitor

Scenario 3: No WiFi base, network

Scenario 4: Dual smartphones

  • Any of the above

Hrmm… this did not contain nearly as many interesting ideas as I thought it would. Basically my discovery today was that I could walk around the office building listening to my baby sleeping in my closed office only using an earbud and a cell phone leaving both my hands free to type, plug in phones, and generally get my job done.

Something about typing with babies turns 100 WPM typists into 12 WPM.

And that’s that.

Paul King

Paul King lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and cats. He writes for Pocketables, theITBaby, and is an IT consultant along with doing tech support for a film production company.