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Sick baby day 6

Sick Maggie is sick
Sick baby is sick

The world is a series of images of snot, vomit, and occasionally a happy baby snoring. Baby M caught something on Tuesday and has been not sleeping too well as she’s been pretty much filled with mucus. It’s not been a pleasant experience.

On the other side, she was able to down some of Chubby Bunny Baby food at the Franklin Farmer’s market. We took her out for a bit yesterday to air her out and spun by there. Her second food was pureed peaches of some sort. I probably knew all about them yesterday, but this on again off again sleep is starting to take its toll on my brain.

The morning’s been filled with snot suckers followed by baby feeling decent enough to do something and then getting angry and sleeping or having to have snot sucked. So it’s been a day so far.

Wouldn’t expect anything quality here for a couple of days, but do have two children’s products that companies were nice enough to send that I’ll be reviewing this week assuming the snot storm dies down.

So far the only thing that seems to help is to keep her slightly elevated and roll her occasionally. She’s not entirely miserable, but you can tell she’s perma cranky, which is pretty much where I’m feeling at at the moment.

Eh, if anyone has any baby cold remedies or easements, feel free to post em. Baby needs rest to get over this and the snot means no or little rest.

Paul King

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