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Review – Contigo Travel Mug

contigo 1

I’ve only owned my Contigo Travel mug for a day, but I am already a little bit in love with her. I passed the set of 2 mugs at Costco on a regular basis, mulling over the $19.99 price tag and thinking how it couldn’t possibly be worth it – why, my mugs are $2.99 at TJ Maxx!

After the past 3 weeks of heavy coffee consumption in my car due to nightly baby tasks (see how I worked that tie in around here?) I was TIRED of leaking coffee from my bargain basement mug onto my tops. I got to show up at work covered in ‘ick’ and couldn’t even blame Maggie.

So on a diaper run this weekend I caved and purchased ITdaddy and I each a good travel mug. I am giving all of our old mismatched, lidless, leaking cheap pieces of crap to Goodwill, so I’ll be earning some much needed cabinet space for baby hoopla as well.

Not only does the Contigo mug keep things warm forever, its got a release valve you’re required to hold down to sip from it. This vacuum technology keeps my top clean and I am imagining it will keep a lot of ‘oopsies’ from going down when Maggie is a toddler. As I write this half-hearted sad little review my coffee is 5 hours old; gross, I know, but STILL WARM!

contigo 2

Yup, worth it.

5 / 5 stars     

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