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Maggie’s 4th month pediatrician visit came and went

Maggie holding a bottleMaggie got her 4th month pediatrician visit with little fanfare and only two shots this time. She came in higher than the 50th percentile in everything, meaning she’s above average, but everything was within cool ranch ranges.

Sometime during our hour and twenty minute long wait for weight and shots I attempted to entertain the baby by zurburting her belly with disastrous results – she ended up with half-belly beard burn. It didn’t seem to hurt and it did go away during the doctor’s visit, but it did look like a huge belly rash and I had to fess up that I made my daughter’s belly look absurd by making farting noises on it while not freshly shaven.

After the excitement, she passed out in the carseat on the way home, woke up and freaked out for a while necessitating laying down in a bed with her for a bit so she could calm down. Something about laying down with baby when she knows you can’t be doing anything else seems to be the cure for a lot of issues.

We had to giver her a dose of kiddie pain killer as she was not terribly happy, and she eventually passed out next to me on the bed finally allowing me to catch up on a show I wanted to watch. I ended up letting her watch the first episode of the first season of The Muppets before bedtime as she had had a lousy day and for some reason puppets cheer her up like nobody’s business.

And that was that. Much less traumatic than the time she got five shots. I think at one point she realized where she was or that it was not a happy baby place. But all in all a much better visit than last time.

Oh yeah, she also started holding her bottle today. She’s not terribly great at it, but she does alright.

Paul King

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