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Just survived 102.8 and a cranky baby – Achievement unlocked

Maggie nomming on a PodeeI caught whatever Baby M had, and unfortunately on me I didn’t exactly have the immune system that she does – any lung/sinus stuff I’m screwed for, and this time was no exception. 102.8 fever last night.

Today I’m down to 99, which is pretty much my normal range. Eh, I’ll survive and be fine in a day or so, but man. Maggie became the clingiest baby ever these past few days, mostly because she was sick and wanted to be held, or didn’t want to be held, or did but not that way, or didn’t because she was too hot.

Slight issue with taking care of her these past two days that she wakes up every time I cough, so it’s been next to impossible to get a restorative nap in and get over this demon phlegm. She’s also not getting back to 100% due to being woken up every 5 minutes when I cough in my sleep.

Due to her being absurdly needy, she won’t sleep anywhere where I’m not around, and even my attempts to hang around and then move to the adjoining room to nap are foiled because if I can hear her, she can hear me cough. Le sigh.

For reasons I do not quite understand, Maggie seems to enjoy the voices in Epic Meal Time, it may be due to the squeaky toy noises that they make every time they curse, I’m not sure. I’ve just left YouTube streaming Epic Meal Time and Maggie’s passed out. Perhaps Maggie just sleeps through irony. In this case a vegetarian watching bacon porn.

Pretty much today was just surviving and watching meat be prepared in ungodly horrible ways. Now if the internet can just direct me to a location to reduce mucus production rather than sending me to expectorants, antihistamines, neti pots or the like I’ll consider today somewhat productive.

Paul King

Paul King lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and cats. He writes for Pocketables, theITBaby, and is an IT consultant along with doing tech support for a film production company.