I’m a crappy parent.

Maggie holding a bottle

Probably not. But very often I feel like a terrible mom and even lament that Baby M obviously doesn’t love me. On occasion the minute I put her down she stops crying or doesn’t care AT ALL I’ve showed up to get her at daycare.

I’ve found a few lighthearted but true articles that make me feel less alone – and yes, validate my feelings which is what we all want, no? So instead of writing my own subpar blog entry on feeling inadequate I’ll let the rest of the interwebs do it for me.

(ahem, full-time working mama Lesson #1; cut corners when you can or go insane trying.)

Advanced remote baby monitor

1. Because sometimes Mag’s loves to just be left alone to ‘play’ even at 20 weeks – dis!

2. When I start to worry Baby M will never roll over

3. Yeah, breastfeeding isn’t all roses and cuddles for all of us

4. Or you just feel blue, blue, blue (and hopelessly inadequate)

Judging Maggie is judging me.

But this face makes it worth it.

HDR Maggie


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