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Baby Jogger car seat adaptors recalled

Baby Jogger Car Seat adaptor recallBaby Jogger car seat adaptors for strollers with model numbers Bj90121, Bj90221, and Bj90321 manufactured between April 1, 2012 and Sept 20, 2012 have a tendency to break quite a bit evidently as they have had 47 reports of breaking so far with two injuries as the car seats fell off of the stroller.

You can get the full details on this recall at the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s page on this recall, I’d write up a longer thing but I’m still recovering from a bad cold and I’m pointing you in the right direction at least.

You need to contact Baby Jogger for replacement support bars.

The description of the incident on the CPSC is:

The car seat adaptors come in three models and are used to secure a variety of infant car seats onto Baby Jogger strollers. The “Single” model fits all single strollers, the “Double” works only on double strollers and the “Select/Versa” fits Select and Versa strollers. The car seat adaptors consist of two U-shaped, black, aluminum support bars and two black plastic adaptors that allow the support bars to attach onto the stroller. Black nylon straps secure the car seat to the adaptor on the stroller. The black support bars are labeled A and B. The A support bar is the larger of the two U-shaped bars and has a red plastic tip with 10 holes.

Newer models have only four holes and are not being recalled. The model number is located on the lower right hand corner of the original package and the manufacturing date can be found on a sticker on the bottom of the package.

It appears if you want to contact Baby Jogger you can do so toll-free at 877-506-2213 between 8:30am and 5:30pm Eastern Standard Time M-F. The CSPC also directs you to the recalls page of Baby Jogger, which directs you to the CSPC page for most of the information. The only thing the Baby Joggers page really has different from the CSPC is this pdf which shows you the box and where to look to find your model number.

On a side note, I can’t stress how stressful it is spelling adapter adaptor over and over again… are these people savages?

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