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Wigging out about Silly Baby Hair

My Maggie is pretty bald. It was a bit of a surprise considering ITdaddy is contender for the hairiest man alive, but I love her peach fuzzy top and flowing back locks, very mullet-y!

Maggie being cute

I’m also not too paranoid or insulted if people think she is a boy, as you can see in the photo above – I still happily dress her in kitchy unisex onesies and she has a few ‘boys’ shirts from Old Navy – they were too cute to pass up. So far in her long 3 month life span she has only been referred to as ‘he’ twice – and one was like a 90-year old granny at Macy’s despite her ruffled tank top. I guess in 1940 women dressed sons in ruffles. Look it up, its true.

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But you know, as much as I am for female equality and us gals being judged by far more than looks alone , I am not as appalled by the Baby Wig and Baby Bang trend as my modern brethren.  I think, they are – dare I even say it – funny. Wigs for bald babies – ha!

I suppose its all in WHY exactly a mother would purchase such an item for her daughter. If a mama is genuinely concerned her offspring lacks hair then I think she needs to look around or re-evaluate her priorities – maybe even take a frickin’ science class. That is just, well, sad.

But if you just think its hilarious like say a mustache pacifier or tiny baby high heels, then tell those feminazi’s to get over themselves and lighten up! I wouldn’t pony up the price they want for what basically amounts to a baby hat, but if someone gave me one you bet I’d throw it on her, snap a few photos and laugh my butt off!

Courtesy MSN


While is getting the brunt of the fall out, plenty of baby wigs have existed before:

The King!




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