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TheITbaby ABCs of network failure

realized I had no great ABC thing to teach Maggie that also taught her the problems faced by companies buying substandard network cabling and the ensuing issues caused by packet loss along with some random tidbits about images I found and computer history.

While I had not intended to publish this yet as I haven’t gotten all the graphics in, I hit publish due to a weird issue with my laptop that caused me to do the same thin on another blog… eh, well, this will be updated throughout the day until it’s done

So without further delay:

TheITbaby ABCs of network failure


A can also be for Android

















C can be for Cat or Cannot Compute









D is a letter that looks a bit like an O









E is for Ethernet







F is for failure, which launched many videos
F is for failure, which launched many videos








G is for giving, which you need to research before you do as so many places are scams









hell (to)

H is for Hell, which is what “Hello Kitty” starts with











I is for I.T. the people who get IT done












J is for Jocks and the sports that they play, or in terms of the IT Crowd the cables they lay









K is for Kilobytes, this thing held 64. The image itself is 279K more











L is for LOST, which fans of the show did with their interest, and die hard fans were after it ended











M is for Megabytes. This held 1.44











N is for nowhere, I lived there for a while









O is for octet, which is a fancy way of saying byte, but can also be anything with eight elements like a Honda lot









P is for Purgatory, what Congress creates and where they’ll end up













Q is for Quality, which some nations claim. In computer parts it’s the name of the game.










R is for rrrr you serious with that wiring job?













S is for smoothing, which you’ll find is a job for an inbetween person who translates what someone wants to programmer speak









T is for throughput, how much data can flow. If you were reading with this as an internet connection you probably wouldn’t have reached this picture.









Updating (firmware)

U is for update, which you’ll do a lot if you go with Microsoft, Apple, Android or iOS, should you want something that’s not going to need much updating I’d say Blackberry would be the best (as it won’t survive)













V is for Versions, but try finding a good image for that, here’s some otters. You’re welcome












W is for Will, which is the driving force behind Green Lantern’s powers and the only thing that kept me in the movie theater watching Ryan Reynolds














X is for Xyst, which is a long tree shaded prominade or a way of thinking of the path of the data you’re working with











Y is for Yoda, who got accidentally CGIed out of this thing





Z is for Zettabytes, which the Windows, Apple, and Android app updates will be in the range of in a few years


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