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Precious Moments Baby Musical Mobile review

Precious Moments Baby Musical Mobile

If you’re looking for an inexpensive music playing mobile for you baby, chances are this and a couple of variants from the same company (Luv N’ Care) are what you’ve found in your local stores.

The Precious Moments line, I’m not too familiar with other than knowing that ITMama has the giraffe inked on her, so I can’t really say how faithful to the line these reproductions are. I think they’re pretty adorable, but then again it’s hard to go wrong with a stuffed animal on a mobile.

Precious Moments Baby Musical Mobile features

  • Universal crib mount
  • Wind-up musical mobile
  • Cute-ass Precious Moments plush

hrmm, I really thought this section would be longer… oh well.

In action

In every event before I broke out the camera, Maggie is fascinated by the musical mobile and about ten minutes of it will hypnotize her to sleep. Unfortunately the thing only runs for about three minutes before it needs winding up again.

The only time she’s not watching it is when I break out the camera

If you’re attempting to get your criblet to sleep, walking in and out to wind the thing up and hearing a loud replay of Brahms Lullaby is not what you want to do.

The music can also be heard quite distinctly from 40 feet away, so this is not a quiet mobile that plays music to calm a kiddo… it’s loud, brash, and winding makes a ton of clicks when winding not to mention your child becoming fascinated by you walking into the room every three minutes to wind it back up.

I found after a couple of months of use of this it’s pretty useful if you want to stay in the room the entire time, but if you’re attempting to calm you baby to sleep by removing stimulation it’s not a particularly useful tool. I’d much rather have a silent mobile that rotated slowly using a battery or quiet wind-up than a loud musical mobile.

As the entire thing is on hooks, I’m going to attempt to find some sort of improvised device to rotate the mobile decorations without the excessively loud GTFTS music.

The Precious Moments Baby Musical Mobile is available from Amazon for $22.75

2.5 / 5 stars     

Paul King

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