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Keeping Baby Cool in The Summer Heat

In case you missed it, ITdaddy, myself and Baby M live in Tennessee, it is HOT in the summer – and while Ms. Maggie will have to develop a tolerance to blazing southern summer sun (I named her after a blooming summer tree for crissakes); I’ve compiled a quick list of great ways (and shameless product plugs) to keep baby fresh and breezy all season long.

Tips and tricks

Keeping Baby Cool in The Summer Heat

Give older babies plenty of juice and water. If your baby is younger than 6 months or breastfeeding, water is unnecessary but be sure to feed frequently.

Stay indoors as much as possible from 1-5 or when the sun is strongest in your neck of the woods.

Play inside in a bath!

Dress your kiddo in cotton clothing and use cotton diapers in leu of disposables when available.

Use buttermilk on heat rashes

Use sunscreen sparingly on younger babies and a baby appropriate formula on older children. Cover them in light layers and don’t forget feet and ears!

Great Products

Meeno Babies “Cool Mee” Universal Bucket Seat Liner

Mommy’s Helper Car Seat Sun Shade

Clip-on Stroller Fan

Car Sunshade (we have this one)


Baby Shades (Maggie styles in this pair)

A simple sun hat

Maggie with a hat on the newborn survival guide

More summer fun on the ItBaby Pinterest

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