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Equate Infants’ Gas Relief Drops review

Equate Infants' Gas ReliefWhen we got our current model of Baby M, we initially started her on some Gripe Water for her stomach distress. While I believe it initially worked wonders, and still occasionally will, there are some gas situation it just doesn’t handle well, so we picked up some Equate Infants’ Gas Relief Drops from the local Wallyworld and started using them.

Initially they appeared to work when used in conjunction with the Mother’s Bliss Gripe Water, but as the days moved on I began to suspect they were not really doing anything for our seven o’clock gassy lassie.

During one particularly extended toot pooting boogie that Baby M was upset about that lasted several days, I finally saw a pattern emerge that we would give her the drops and 40 minutes later the gas would stop. I assumed the gas drops were they key and adjusted to half an hour before her normal toot time tango.

Unfortunately, this made no difference. I thought perhaps there might be something to do with it requiring the onset of the gassy lassie before they would work, so the next day I had them ready and bam, right at the onset, and still the gas went away 40 minutes later. I decided to do one last test thinking that was that and tried enduring the gas blast.

And forty minutes later the gas was gone. This without the aid of any medications.

So, for Baby M, this stuff does not seem to do much for combating gas, however ITMama will point out that the active ingredient in it does nothing for her stomach either (same active ingredient as Gas-X,) so chances are Baby M got ITMama’s tummy and Simethicone immunity or resistance.

I am also given to understand that gas relief may not have been all that helpful on my mother’s side of the family, so chances are the kid was hit with a Simethicone resistance from birth.

Your mileage may vary, so unfortunately I can’t say much other than Simethicone works for some, doesn’t for others, it’s pretty expensive in any form you get it in and these drops are slightly more expensive than the best deal you can find.

It’s also important that you do what you can to figure out if it’s gas or if it’s an upset stomach as if it’s an upset stomach, these might do less than no good and actually hurt the baby’s stomach.

Equate Infants’s Gas Relief is available from Amazon for $8.21

2.5 / 5 stars     

Paul King

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