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Daycare: T-4 days – daddy and baby at work – a running descent into madness?

Due to program issues, I’m stopping calling them server issues as this is not my server’s fault, I’m working on the same stuff today that I was yesterday with a guy who’s not a computer tech but… not his fault, it’s the accounting program’s fault.

So me and Baby M are sitting at home doing all the remote work and watching cartoons… well, I should say I’m watching cartoons while M sleeps in her rocker. I think that’s what she’s wanted at work for the past couple of times… to be in a rocker and listen to music of some sort.

Maggie rocking the workday away

Sort of like a granny.

Not too much to report as of 11:15 as work from home is generally easier as I have an array of places Maggie likes to hang out

11:35 installing net framework 4 update for server 2003, teaching baby to roll as that seems to be her primary complaint with tummy time (the not being able to get back on her back)

11:41 have established a game in which Maggie puts up one arm and I help her roll onto her tummy. Have also now installed 8 our of 9 updates. Unfortunately now on net framework SP2 for net 2.0 – rassafrassa

11:52 side effects of tummy time include better gas relief, stronger core, better speech development, and projectile butt sludge.

11:53 watching a bottle sitting straight upright dripping milk out the neck. It’s been dripping for about a minute straight now. Only one ounce in the bottle, wondering how it’s all in the neck.

Post nap situps
Post-nap situps

12ish baby psychosis popped out again, this time I had a swaddler handy. Swaddled baby psycho and forced her to take a nap after burping and refueling her.

2pm still sleeping, woke up for a second and wanted refueling, went right back to sleep

2:35 baby still down for the count. Huge storm here. Do not think I’m getting to the office today but got everything that needed to be done short of checking my physical inbox at work

3pm nap continues

4:30 someone finally woke up and is collapsing Medela nipples like mad.

Paul King

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