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Daycare: T-3 days – daddy and baby at work – a running descent into madness?

Maggie in her business casual
Maggie in Business Casual

Last day of scheduled daddy and baby at work… yesterday was supposed to be the last, but… things happened…

The day has started pretty well – baby’s in a much better mood now that she slept something like 14 hours in three sleep periods yesterday. Office is 77 degrees with the fan on, so not too horribly hot for her.

I’ve had to pass her off twice to accounting to get one of their issues fixed. I learned I can hear her in an office building if I’m within one floor of her. I’m not sure if she’s just that loud or what.

11:05 baby has passed the eff out in the office and is acting like an awesome helper.

11:05-24 having used a cell phone to call my office phone, set both on speaker and the cell phone on mute, I set out with sleeping baby in the office to do a couple of things while I had an improvisational baby monitor. Long and short of it is it worked, but realized do not put two phones on speakerphone lest you want shrilling feedback.

11:45 For some reason baby is being absurdly cute and loving everything today. I think I’m going to have to force her to get her full 18 hours of baby sleep now. She’s still waking herself up when unrestrained, but she’s growing out of the swaddlers and I really don’t like tying her up all the time.

She passed back out for a nap.

12:03 it’s been roughly… oh, eight minutes of sleep and then waking up starving… another 4 oz down and time for another attempt at sleep.

I pretty much had to abandon blog for the day. Lot of stuff going on at work and oddly Maggie was being a total angel until about 5:30 so there was pretty much nothing to write about… oh well.

4ish it was nice out so we went out and I sat her in a chair and mowed the lawn. This worked out pretty well as my walking around amused her as did the great outdoors. I did not anticipate a shift in the wind carrying lawnmower debris right into the baby.

5ish bathtime for soaking wet ITdaddy and ITbaby. Everything is going swimmingly until she decides it’s fucking time to get the fuck out of the fucking shower right fucking now.

6-8 are a blur of food, gas, pissed off baby

8-9 passed out baby

9-11 pissed off demon fart machine

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