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Daycare: T-13 days – daddy and baby at home – a running descent into madness?

Today’s one of the days I’m not working and I’m at home with the rugrat.

Maggie and Hammy
Maggie and Hammy hanging out shortly before naptime

10am nap time.

10:40 forget about that, it’s swinging chair time

10:50 the swing, being too much for Maggie to handle has caused temporary unconsciousness.

10:51 realizing a sleeping well-tempered baby at home is not all that interesting to write about. Contemplating stopping this log for the day since happy baby at home with dad = nothing to write about.

11ish accidentally hit post instead of update over at Pocketables and post an article that’s 1/rd done, not spell checked, missing an image, and has the title incorrect. Day is going amazing so far.

Equate Infants' gas relief11:41a fart has been let out that sounded like a trucker shifting gears going down a hill. I have preemptively used the equate baby gas relief as this thing looks to be ready to blow.

12:05 the gas is coming out of both ends of the baby now. It seems a cycle of she gets upset, gets angry, angry makes her stomach upset which produces gas, that makes her mad, rinse recycle repeat. New plan of attack: burp, fart, faux swaddle til she calms down.

12:11 seems to work, she calms down… unswaddled and she’s out like a light

from the other room I hear a fart, another fart, and then screaming…

12:30 have resorted to something my mom told me about – warm hand on baby belly. Seems to be doing the trick as the equate either isn’t working or isn’t working fast enough.

Warm hand on belly for gas relief
Warm hand on belly gas relief

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