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Daycare: T-12 days – daddy and baby at work – a running descent into madness?

Maggie passed out in her 4th of July outfitSo today is Maggie’s second full day planned for the office. My work still seems ok with it as I am getting everything done and she only had one cry on Monday when she was here. Daddy and baby at work seems to be working at the moment, we’ll cross fingers and hope it works for another 12 days.

Uneventful ride into work, she lost her pacifier and didn’t get it back so she’s upset. As expected today work is sort of a ghost town so hopefully I can get everything done and be the best for my child at the same time.

9:27AM nothing to report, sleeping baby. Passed out in car seat, don’t think she wants to be moved

9:50AM discovered wherre I need to be most of today is the hardest to get to with a baby in the building. What is normally a 20 second commute now is a three minute endevor. No biggie.

10:20 smell something, check and no lines on diaper, Maggie’s looking at me like I’m silly for checking her diaper

10:22 I watch as baby’s eye gloss over, grunt, goodbye red diaper cover…

10:40 washing remnants of poocano with hand soap

10:55 attempt to explain that the virtual windows box underneath boss’s Mac was having problems with the thinclient printing system… decided to leave it at “I fixed it” after deleting thinclient printers and just adding using the Windows printer driver and an ip address…

11:12 fixing improper DID to extension assignment with a grumpy infant who’s flashing signs for “naptime” – did in 2 minutes, baby going down now. She wasn’t tired at her normal 10am naptime, probably due to poocano.

11:29 have formerly poo-soaked bottom drying in windowsill, baby decided it was too bright in here to sleep and kept covering her head up every time a blanket was near, forced a compromise by turning her stroller into a turtle shell which blocks out the light. Happy now.

Maggie turtle shell


Maggie looking oh so cute in diaper & flag

4th of july12:35 freakout,

12:40 freakout was not gas, sleep, tiredness, hunger, diaper, wanting to be held, too hot, too cold

12:45 evidently Elvis for Babies was required in tandem with using the car seat as a rocker

12:47 UPS battery alarm merits The Peoples’ Eyebrow from Maggie, but little else

1pm screaming baby, evidently was gas.

1:25 blankie swaddle and dark room = passed out baby again. Loosened after she fell asleep and she’s evidently playing a piano or making biscuits in her sleep.

2ish we took a stroll down to get something to eat. I ate in front of her, she looked very happy when she understood that some day, this chewing thing would be hers. She actually looked dreamy.

3:30 after finishing up what I needed to do hands-on I started to leave. This immediately triggered baby freak out. Car trip was not looking fun.

3:35ish discover while driving if I just sing made up lyrics to whatever is playing she goes to sleep. I spend the next 30 minutes driving home singing made up lyrics to songs I mostly had never heard before. Maggie asleep the entire time.

4:08 – ending this for the day unless anything interesting pops up

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