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BuffaloTools CNCRSH Deluxe Can Crusher review

BuffaloTools CNCRSH Deluxe Can CrusherI’ve mentioned before how little space one has left in the recycling bins after baby shows up. To help combat that I purchased myself a BuffaloTools CNCRSH Deluxe Can Crusher, which I’ve estimated will remove roughly 25% of the space that is used in my two bins (Cokes to stay awake for baby, beers to calm down after baby.)

BuffaloTools CNCRSH Deluxe Can Crusher install

The can crusher should be installed away from where little hands can reach. In my particular case I had to mount lower due to no space on the walls, but I figure by the time Baby M is large enough to reach there I’ll have less that needs crushing as I can’t imagine this baby cardboard nightmare continuing for all that much longer.

Install consists of four screws that are included, and making sure that the handle is in the right position when you start screwing the thing in or you’ll realize there’s no way to crush a can.

BuffaloTools CNCRSH Deluxe Can Crusher in action

I tried to make an animated gif of the thing running, but Google Plus was being a bit of a pain. I got the last portion of the crushing excitement, and here you go:

Flattened Coke Zero can
BuffaloTools CNCRSH Deluxe Can Crusher before
BuffaloTools CNCRSH Deluxe Can Crusher after

Total install time was about three minutes after I located my drill.

Problems immediately noticed

The very first can I attempted to crush was a Coors Lite can, it’s too tall for the can crusher. It’s only 12 oz, but is roughly .25″ taller than any other cans, which requires you to squeeze the can a bit to make it shorter and then hope you manage to crush it at the right angle.

I could list off all the cans it doesn’t work properly with, but the majority of cans it worked fine with. We just happened to have a slightly taller beer can than usual to deal with.


Most of my cans are smaller, the price was decent, install was pretty easy, I’m 90% happy. I think I might see if I can compact cans even further by sticking a couple of them in after first crush.

The BuffaloTools CNCRSH Deluxe Can Crusher is available from Amazon for $11.70

4 / 5 stars     

Paul King

Paul King lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and cats. He writes for Pocketables, theITBaby, and is an IT consultant along with doing tech support for a film production company.