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And a Funday was had by all…

What some people may forget is while theITbaby has brought me and ITMama countless millions from Big Baby money, it’s not all work and no play for the glamorous team and occasionally we get to step out to spend a Sunday relaxing.

This particular Sunday we ventured with friends to Arrington Vineyards leaving the mass machine and countless workers that staff theITbaby at home with bowls of Maintenance Cat cat food and water.

What followed was a remarkably pleasant outing with two babies and five adults to one of the prettiest places I have ever sat and stared off into the distance at, and I shall subject you, dear reader, to some of the pictures.

Arrington Vineyards and babies


The day started off attempting to grab the majesty that was the scene from the hill and instead making it look something like a flattened-out park… after walking up this hill to see it rendered so flat makes me feel like all was for naught.

Arrington Vineyard no babiesA slightly more hilly looking view in which you can at least tell it’s down a bit… still, nothing like in person.

Baby Pup TentThe baby pup tent was broken out. This thing folds into a giant circle with a carrying pouch, it’s not really directed at babies, but it’s nice to have for them. UV protection, insta-shelter, etc.

Opens itself up, can be set up in about four seconds. I’ve seen them on Amazon for ~50, but this was purchased at Aldi for somewhere int he neighborhood of $15. Word of warning though – open and close it a couple of times before you use it because you will be taking this thing down in the dark and it’s not as simple as you might think it is to downsize.

Arrington Vineyards


ITMama, Conner, Baby M, Libby enjoying the pop-up shelter… still room for more

2013-07-14 17.26.32


Camera got drunk, took some fun pictures

2013-07-14 17.26.02 2013-07-14 17.25.44


And that was the day. We managed to get the tent down and start down the hill just in time to spot a rainbow followed by getting rained on. Babies managed to get into cars before insanity downpour happened.



Paul King

Paul King lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and cats. He writes for Pocketables, theITBaby, and is an IT consultant along with doing tech support for a film production company.