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The Britax Free Ride event gets you additional product no charge

The Britax Free Ride Event

The Britax Free Ride Event is going on over at Amazon right now. The gimick is you purchase one of the Britax strollers and you can get a B-Safe infant seat, a second seat, or a bassinet for free.

The English-respecting person in me writhes at the “for free” portion as obviously it’s not free, it’s buy one get one, where as “for free” would be get one. Free means free, not we’ll give this to you at a slightly discounted rate. But I digress.

It appears based on pricing that this is a savings of about 30% as the Britax strollers are all around $370 and the second item you can get ranges from $111.04 – $134.99.

The gimmick appears to be you put both the items you’re interested in in your shopping cart and at checkout the price is adjusted. Make sure the items are coming from Amazon and not a third party reselling through Amazon as that won’t qualify.

A full list of the products and the instructions on them can be found here.

Make sure to check you’re getting the discount before checking out, and also remember that this promotion will end at some point soon and they’re not really making it clear when that is.

My assumption is when they’ve moved enough product to get the next set of strollers in.

Paul King

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