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Returning to the gym after baby with the rugrat in tow

Jaba going to the gym
No Photoshop was harmed during this image butchery

Although itMama Kim has done this before, today will be the first time I’ve gotten back to the gym in quite some time.

Returning to the gym after baby

As Kim stopped going in the later times of her pregnancy, I stopped going as well as it’s really not as fun if you’re just alone, and I spent the last few months of pre-Maggie eating, sleeping, and generally not doing too much.

As such I managed to gain more weight than my wife did, although I will point out that whether or not the male-sympathetic-pregnancy syndrome is real or not, I did have some mighty powerful cravings at certain points where I would become nearly immobilized by wanting to eat something.

So be it hard-to-prove sympathetic thing, or me being a fatass, results were the same – I gained too much.

Oddly, after baby I’m significantly stronger, if fatter. Not sure if that’s some sort of survival thing or not, but the past few days I’ve been needing to stretch my legs or I feel that I will explode.

So we’re heading to the Y in about thirty minutes, which has an infant-ready daycare. Taking the diaper bag, gym bag, phones, headset, treadmill entertainment kit essentially. I managed to lose 30 pounds a few years ago watching seasons 1-3 of Dexter off my HTC EVO 4G at the Y, so hopefully finishing up Burn Notice and starting on something new will shed some of the ITfatty I’ve become.

Still feel a bit odd about giving the baby over to someone I don’t know while I go and work out… but I guess that’s something I’m going to have to get used to if I don’t want to look like Jabba the Hutt by the time she’s five.

I’d also like to not keel over of a heart attack or blow out my already-broken knee any worse with the massive weight of me + baby + baby supplies + etc.

Wish my fatass luck. I’ll be doing a weigh-in and starting up MyFitnessPal again so after today this little logo should reflect where I’m actually at:

MyFitnessPal – Free Weight Loss Tools

And if it doesn’t show, it’s MyFitnessPal’s fault, not mine…

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