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‘Other’ Uses for Lanolin Nipple Cream

If like myself, you’ve realized you much rather use olive oil for uh, nipple moisture or pump lubrication (dang, that sounds gross) you may find yourself with a tube the commercial stuff you thought so steadfastly ahead of time to buy. I’m not a nay sayer who is convinced that lanolin will give my baby cancer or make her stupid. Unfortunately it leaves a disgusting ring on my breast pump and is just tacky to the touch, but for the $10 I paid for the stuff I won’t let it go to waste!


Luckily these Lanolin creams are just basically, well Lanolin – which has plenty of other indications in life, I just found any sort of nipple ‘soothing’ is not one of them for me.

(vegans beware, its sheep wool wax and I’m sure the sheep were murdered for tasty lamb chops, but I digress)

Use your abandoned tube of icky Lanolin for the following:

As a cuticle cream

For lip balm

Soothe cracked heels

Treat diaper rashes

Lube a baseball glove

Calm super curly hair

Hopefully with these simple uses you won’t have tossed your cash down the drain due to overzealous preparedness. My favorite use is for heels! *Note I am not a doctor or esthetician, follow my lame advice at your own risk.



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