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Nerd and Geek Onesies for the Ladies

Itdaddy doesn’t get all the fun. I’m the one who likes shopping anyway. My nerdom may be more subtle then his sci-fi and tech geek leanings, but I have my preferences.

I present 6 80’s baby and dork onesies to please the chicks, man. (Thanks Joel McHale)

He holds a special place in my 80’s kid heart; Charlie Brown Onesie $12.99

Quite literal, aren’t I? Nerds Onesie $12.95 (watermelon Nerds were the best)

ITdaddy and I need this for Maggie for a personal reason, as we call Maggie our ‘moo’. David and Goliath $15.99 (David and Goliath make a PLETHORA of cheeky geeky onesies)

I had Cheer Bear as a girl. Want. Care Bears Onesie $17.95

Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Brothers; My favorite games on the old school NES, Link Onesie $17.99; One-up Mushroom Onesie $17.99

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