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More geek onesies for your enjoyment

I’ll admit, I’m just writing this as filler as it’s 1am and I’m awake for no reason even though baby is sleeping. Anyway, some geek and IT themed onesies for your dorkdom enjoyment.

You should be able to click on any of these if you want to purchase. Keep in mind any of these are tagged with our Amazon affiliate code, so if you don’t want us making the big $0.18 remove the &tag=tib06-20 portion of the link before purchase. We all do it, I’m just honest about it.

I’ll also point out that I’m only hitting Amazon tonight as I’m lazy. Hard enough holding/feeding a baby/building my brand without having to navigate between sites. 🙂 Wait, did you catch that transition. Yup, baby woke up mid-piece and required lovings, burpings, and then holdings to get to sleep.

Geek onesies – Hoooooooooo (and I can’t find a Thundercats onesie on Amazon)

Harry Potter meet Larry Pooper


Had this happen when Baby Easte Containment Protocol failed yesterday


The question is not why would you order this, but why didn’t you already?


It’s just perfect. Add a mustache pacifier and you’re set
The aforementioned pacifier to get for that outfit


The only problem is she’s a Disney Princess now
Baby Gaga



Tempted to make an OZ joke here


Dark lord of the sh*t


Crisis on Infinite Diapers? Wally Wet? Flushpoint?


Your child may not be ready for a three-wolf-moon right away. There’s no shame in starting with one wolf. We all had to get there in our own time.


In brightest day, in darkest night, no parent will, sleep the night, let those who worship sleep’s respite, beware my power keen infant’s might


Maebe I’d make an Arrested Development joke if I weren’t so tired


Have a talk with your child about Tron and Lebowski before they find out the hard way


A little Mad Men action


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