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Mid-week Meals * Spinach and Lentil Salad

The other day, as I am want to do, I tossed a bunch of crap that was nearing its end times onto some spinach and called it a ‘salad’. The difference this time was IT WAS CRAZY DELICIOUS, so delicious I have recreated the thing ON PURPOSE FOR COMPANY. My company gave it two thumbs up, as well – so I know I wasn’t just, like, super hungry.

I’m no pro at recipe writing – fortunately most of the things I make are so simple you can guess and estimate, so following is my attempt at showing you the way to flavor heaven with three super foods! (spinach, lentils and avocado respectively – all very scientifically deemed by moi and I get my information from Oprah and at Whole Foods, people. SCIENCE!)

INGREDIENTS (serves 3 or 4)

1 pre-packaged bag baby spinach

1 tub feta cheese crumbles

1 avocado

1.5 cup cooked lentils

1 lemon

high quality olive oil

garlic salt, garam masala, curry or other indian spices to taste


After prepping lentils (I use a rice cooker or, lazier yet, buy the ready to eat ones from Trader Joes) spice them to taste with a blend of tasty Indian spices. I use the ones in the ingredients list because I have them on hand, but this is a “play with it” recipe so go WILD. Once your lentils are spiced and stirred up add them to your bag of baby spinach in a nice bowl. Add about 1/4 cup olive oil and the juice of one lemon and toss vigorously (or not, I just wanted to write ‘vigorously’ because it sounds good) Chop entire avocado into bite sized chunks and sprinkle onto mixture, then add approximately half of the feta cheese tub (or about 3/4 cup) to the salad as well. Bon appetite.

Three super foods for nursing mothers (or half formula feeding evil wenches like me) all in one tasty mixture you’ll want to eat again and again and again – well you get the idea.


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