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Kirkland Premium Baby Wipes review

Kirkland Premium Baby Wipes

Kirkland Premium Baby Wipes – although I’m only 9+ weeks into this having a daughter and having to use the requisite baby products, I’ve had my run ins with quite a few wipes so far due to friends babies, coupons, samples, etc, and Kirkland’s wipes have beat them all so far.

Kirkland Premium Baby Wipes are my jam

So far my favorite of the baby wipes is Kirkland Premium Baby Wipes, which are hypo-allergenic, unscented (although they do have a smell,) and are enriched with vitamin E which is a powerful antioxidant that should stop your baby from looking old too fast, or more grounded in reality help in the event of a rash or sunburn.

Kirkland Premium Baby Wipes in use

You get several packages of wipes per box. Each one has its own soft plastic dispenser with a clip down plastic piece to keep the wet in (or out if you’ve got a pissing baby nearby). You can open the dispenser one-handed if you need to without much effort and close it again.

The wipes don’t leave an oily or lotion-y film on your hand, so you won’t have trouble grasping at baby diaper securing whatever that is called, or having a slippery hand while lifting baby (which for me ended up causing me to claw my child for a grip to keep her from falling once).


The wipe package is crinkly, so if you’ve got a passed out rug runt and you’re attempting to do a sleeping diaper change, you’ll need to open and pull from another room. Something about the sound makes baby Maggie wake up like someone’s shouted at her.

There’s no way to one-handedly retrieve one wet wipe, you’re always going to pull at least two unless you use your fingers to stop the next one from coming out. This does not seem to be unique to the Kirkland Premium Baby Wipes, however I thought it might be useful to note that the problem of multi-pulls was not solved by these wipes.

When closing the package one-handedly, you’re going to have another wet wipe 1/4th out of the package so that when you go to use it next time you’ve got a half dry baby wipe.


As mentioned before, these are my favorite. I also think the tensile strength of them might just be enough to make a rope in a pinch as I’ve never had a towel I couldn’t rip through, although I may just be weak.

They call it Tencel all natural fiber, and the feel is somewhere between cotton t-shirt and gauze.

The smell the unscented have is not overpowering and doesn’t seem to stick on baby. Just the smell of the product in its packaging. At least I can’t smell it on baby after use.

Not horribly absorbent, but then again that’s not what a wet wipe is for.

I really dig these, think you should try them out.

Amazon has them for anywhere from $9.99 to $40.00 although all the products listed end up being around $30-$40 with shipping, handling, etc. Personally, we picked some up at CostCo with a coupon for somewhere around $20, so if you haven’t considered joining that beautiful beautiful store, please take a look at (potentially) half of your yearly membership savings in one purchase.

4.5 / 5 stars     

Paul King

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