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IT Mama loves Tech, too!

Ah, technology. I’m glad this site is just called ‘IT baby’. I like to refer to it as the actual word “it” like an ‘ it girl’ or ‘it bag’ – fashion and bad celebrity gossip are more my expertise. My eyes glaze over when IT daddy starts talking phone ROM’s or converting old androids to baby monitors – like, can we just buy one already?

But I got to thinking and technology DOES make my life easier, just in different ways from my super dee duperly nerdy husband. Here is my list of tech that makes my life awesomer. (It’s a word because I say so)

1. Sonicare/Clarsonic

Sonic beauty products are my JAM, y’all. I was dubious it would actually make a difference but it completely changes your life. Well, your teeth and skin anyway. IT daddy won’t actually use his Sonicare toothbrush everyday because it makes his teeth too clean in his opinion. (He also thinks dirt protects his cars paint job, maybe its the same in his mind? He’s gross.)

2. Sony Tablet SGPT111

I love to read. I love real books, but I cannot tell I lie – I love trashy magazines. IT daddy and I have a Nook color and its alright, but the little Sony Tablet SGPT111 (most  unsavvy name ever?) reads magazines and books in an easier read format, plus runs other cool crap, like apps.

3. Angelcare Baby Movement Monitor

I’m not so sure why I’m convinced something terrible will happen at night, but as I’ve mentioned before I really enjoy the Angelcare Baby Movement Monitor. I know technology is fallible, but it eases my mind to know the horribly obnoxious beep will sound and alert me if Baby M doesn’t move (it detects breathing as movement) or conversely moves too much. IT daddy and I were gifted the super basic monitor, but I would TOTALLY BUY that amazing one I linked to above and I am a cheapo. I love the Angelcare company. The basic model is super affordable though and also an anxiety reliever.

4. JAM classic Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

I know there are cooler, more techy and better sounding speakers, but for a non-audiophile and someone on a budget like myself, this thing rocks. Its loud, wireless plus has decent range and okay depth of sound (bass etc). Sync it to your Google play music and you’ve got music for mama and lullaby’s for baby.

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