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Genius Idea Alert – New use for Breast Milk Storage Parts



Just FYI – I am known for being a genius, so this idea comes as no surprise. I was looking high and low last night for something to store my salad dressing in for my nice little Weight Watchers friendly salad I was taking to work today with no LUCK. The IT family homestead organization is a wreck to say the least.

But hey, what are those stored in a little plastic baggy above my oven hood to never be used again? Why my breast milk storage containers we’ve outgrown! BOOM! Not only the perfect size to store my dressing in but MEASURED PERFECTLY for my Weight Watchers points. Ah yeah…ah yeah. I am the bomb.

So send your boob juice storage containers through the sanitizing system on the dishwasher and enjoy them as lunch box pals. Most people you dine with will have no idea what they are anyway.

Kim Yandell

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