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Forgotten Felines – introducing your cats to a new baby

Part of the IT family who used to rule the roost, but are now lucky if they get 5 minutes of love – ah, the pets. They used to be our (and your) world and now they stare down our new ‘hairless cat’ with contempt or concern. I’m not really quite sure, but I’d put money on contempt.

2012-12-19 22.00.50 2013-03-29 10.38.00

Josie ‘Jomo’ aka lesser loved cat and Hampton ‘Hammy’ former roost ruler.

2013-04-14 22.07.36 2013-04-14 22.09.06

Hammy: ‘What the hell has taken over MY lap?’ Shoot, I guess I have to share.

Yup at first your animals will be at a loss but eventually get used to their new fate. Kind of like new parents if you think about it…

5 quick tips for bringing a new baby into your cat’s domain, or introducing your cats to a new baby

1. It may take several ‘introductions’ before your cat accepts baby as a new part of life. Use a calm voice and try to do it when kiddo isn’t frothed into a frenzy.

2. Buy a fake ‘baby’ and put it on your lap pre-birth so kitty gets used to lap sharing. (see poor Hammy above)

3. Pet both ‘kids’ so they feel positive reinforcement with the baby around.

2013-05-10 15.49.12


(IT Daddy sharing his intro technique)

4. Make sure your cat still gets ‘love’. Set aside 5 minutes of brushing time. Bonus: Less cat hair tumbleweeds for your new baby to ingest.

5. Just cover your baby in cat treats or tuna and see what happens. *

*Okay, kidding – sort of. That’s probably not a good idea.

If you stay calm and give your pet plenty of time to adjust the whole family can live in harmony. Even our grumpy cat, Josie now frets when Baby M is upset. I like to think it’s because she cares, but it’s probably because she is sick of the noise. Oh well, we try.

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