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At work with baby (a running log of Paul bringing baby to work)

Today is a wet run to see how Maggie is going to do the next two weeks as we have no daycare the 1st of July until the 15th. I’m still being offered babysitting at my work and have been regaled with stories of one of the kids who’s daycare was the accounting offices.

I’ve been asked to bring a pack and play. So far everyone still likes Maggie.

A running log of Paul bringing baby to work 6/26/13

9:30am clear out space for baby on desk.

Maggie in server room

9:32 she evidently likes watching the network lights blink

blinking network lights

9:44 baby liquid containment failure

9:54 baby liquid containment failure 2

10:04 discover the Britax B-Agile Stroller nicely doubles as an elevated baby changing pad

Britax B-Agile Stroller doubles as a changing pad / nap bed

10:10 demon baby strikes. I remember Kim saying 10 and 3 were naptimes. Baby placed in nap position. Baby sleeping in 2 minutes.

10:18 put the “I’ll look after her” to the test as I realized I had not been to the bathroom today. Baby is an angel the entire time.

10:30 while talking with the guy who watched Maggie for a minute, I look out the window and there’s this giant pit:

FH Daycare


Evidently the daycare they’ve been talking about for the past nine years is about to begin construction.

10:44 getting work done with a sleeping baby. Have gone to the offices near mine and informed them if she annoys them in the slightest to let me know and I’ll take her outside and treat her like a rented mule.

11:02am I feel the piercing glare of a freshly napped baby waking up and wanting food and attention

11:20am I get a chance to inspect the company’s electrical systems as baby needed a good long walk to get that burp out of her. Find a 3-foot tall sign that says “There’s my muff?” I am very confused.

There's my muff

11:35am second diaper of the event. On fifth ounce of formula and has decided to stare at me like I am trying to trick her while she slowly angrily sucks on a pacifier. I do not know what is going on in her baby head.

On the upside, we’ve figured out how to rewire the network now so it works and I’m writing an action plan as it requires downing a lot of it.

11:40am baby wants to sleep again. Temperature in the building has dropped from 80 to about 70 and I realized I have no swaddler or blanket with me. Oversight majorus.

Found clean tote.  put straps around base of car seat and have rigged up a blankey she can’t pull up over her head or kick off

Totes warm


12:04 Maggie has decided it’s time for another rest. The kid has become lazy.

12:06 Maggie has decided it’s high time to swallow her own fist

My fist, I eats it


12:15 managed to get issue with google app sync and outlook fixed w/o a problem. Maggie now seems to want to sing. She’s not grumpy, fussy, etc. Just wants to sing.

1:15 all hands-on at work done, headed out to help friends (Brooke and Aaron) move a very nice flatscreen TV

1:17 phone calls while baby screaming in car and the car was dead. Had to jump car battery trying to explain to a mostly Spanish-speaking man that I was going to have to call him back in a few hours.

Gordo babito e coache mal. Quatro ahoras por favor.

1:30 Maggie sleeping like a lump while driving

1:40 pull over and check on lump because she was power sleeping.

1:45 load TV – could only move one of his due to having baby, but that’s ok. Got his baby tv.

1:50 on the road and baby is passed the eff out. Manage to get to new location with insane flat screen tv without a bump. Waiting on Brooke to show up.

1:55 Brooke shows up, get a call that Aaron’s U-Haul is shot on the side of the road – E-Brake evidently kicked in and the thing’s waiting on U-Haul.

2:03 carry TV in singlehandedly. Leave in doorway as my deathgrip was fading.

Brooke plays with Maggie for a bit

2:30 head out

2:30.40 Maggie freaks out in Brentwood screaming like she’s being killed.

2:31 pull over and check, resume

2:35 it has been what seems like hours of baby screaming at the top of her lungs

2:40 pull into the house, baby is crying still. Pull the seat out and check and nothing. Freakout continues.

2:43 diaper change – freakout continues

2:45 not interested in food, freakout continues

2:46 place in donut, freakout stops

Ahhh… that was the “it’s naptime” freakout…. lesson learned.

3:01 baby awake and happy – what the hell. That was like an 11 minute nap.

3:20 baby evidently only wants to sleep in a rocker for 3pm nap… thinking she must have picked that up at daycare

4:14 I hear what sounds like slapping. Baby seems to be punching her nose in her sleep.

oh wait… not sleeping any more…

4:15-7:46 involves baby psycho in the car, Beer Church Nashville, Mexican food, and really not anything work involved except remembering I forgot to talk to someone today.

All in all, a decent first run.

Needed for the future:

  • Blanket
  • gas drops
  • more wet wipes


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