5 promises to Baby Maggie

On the cusp of Maggie’s 8 week mark I present a short list of mama promises:

I will be sure you enjoy the great outdoors. Hiking, canoeing, park trips and maybe Girl Scouts like your mom.

IT mama on the beach in Victoria BC with her old Girl Scout Troop.
Your mama (far left) rocking it out on an 'Oregon Trail' reenactment.


I will haul your butt to Oregon once a year to visit relatives. I want you to know your family and visit the ocean. We may not get many cool places, but vacation will be fun.

2013-04-14 11.03.04

You will never have generic crayons, Crayola all the way! Your clothes may be thrifted, your groceries may come from Aldi, but generic crayons are the saddest thing ever. Creativity is important and Prang or Rose Art stifles it.

You will always be encouraged to ‘be you’ and explore all opportunity to find you. Even if I have to haul you to cheer practice (shudders) or look high and low for ukulele lessons in town.

Infinite will run my love and books for you.

Kim Yandell

hello kitty fan, elite yelper, sleep deprived coffee chugging domestic beer fan, purely classy. finance staff at a non-profit by trade - writer and trend setter in her heart.