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What to expect at the two month pediatrician visit (video)

After a multi-hour visit to the doc’s for Maggie’s two month pediatrician visit, mostly waiting in one room after another and having the baby weighed, it was time for immunization shots.

It’s not pleasant, but this is probably the worst possible thing that will happen at two months for a healthy baby. Five shots were required as the combo vaccine was in shortage. This lead to five band-aids and one terribly pissed off and sad infant.

Not for the sad of heart –

Five shots given at the two month pediatrician visit:

Eight hours and two doses of Children’s Tylenol later she’s fine and sleeping it off and seems to have forgotten anything happened today.

As of 11:45 she’s sleeping and other than occasional grunts seems to be ok:

Maggie after her first round of shots


The shorts, unless I missed one and this is wrong, were for diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, a certain kind of flu, polio, rotavirus, and PCV.

Paul King

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