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Today in Diaper Genie fail (aka the Diaper Genie Fail Pail)

The Diaper Genie Fail Pail

The Diaper Genie Fail PailWeek seven of using the Diaper Genie Fail Pail: so, I’ve just changed Maggie after she slept a few hours straight. Her diaper probably weighs close to a pound with all that it’s soaked up and I need to dispose of it one-handed. Luckily for me the Diaper Genie is a foot-pedal-operated Wonder of the Modern World.

Yeah, not so much. First off the lid wouldn’t even open. I pressed down pretty hard on the foot pedal but it was obviously not going to move. With urine soaked diaper in one hand and baby in another I got onto my knees and shifted the soiled diaper to the arm that was holding the baby and proceeded to go about fixing the Diaper Genie yet again.

This time I am holding about 13 pounds of squiggling baby+fluids and attempting to not drop either of them.

This particular fail was caused by the previous diaper not going far enough in, so the little lock mechanism was clamped down on the diaper and prevented the foot pedal/lid from working. I had to pop the lid (which involved separating it from the mechanism that opens it,) then shove the urine-soaked diaper down onto the other diaper and push it into the lock area.

Re-attach the lid, because I had to, catch a whiff of the bowels of the thing, and once again think that it was the worst $30 baby product we’ve run across so far. Standing back up I now have a urine soaked hand to deal with and a baby who’s looking perplexed as to why I did that.

I still keep it upstairs in our bedroom as it does generally trap smells slightly better than the cheap-ass trash can we use in the baby room, but when you have to operate on the thing every couple of times and it doesn’t lock smells away if the teeth get caught on a diaper, it’s not really helping all that much.

Little sign will be on the fail pail shortly about pressing the diaper all the way in an attempt to work around its limitations.

The Diaper Genie Elite Diaper Disposal Pail is available for $29.99 from Amazon. I don’t recommend it.

*Update: I just noticed that it says “millions of moms can’t be wrong” as the slogan. Let me tell you, they are. Ziploc, grocery sacks, etc all are a less expensive and more convenient option than having to deal with the fail pail.

1.5 / 5 stars     

Paul King

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