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Taking the baby to Trivia Time aka resuming normal activities

Resuming normal activities at baby week seven

Maggie at Maffioza's
The poop machine at a pizza joint prior to trivia time

As new parents there were some things we didn’t expect we would be able to do together again. Sleep was obviously one of these things (for the first month or so it’s been shiftwork it seems,) and the other was going out to enjoy a couple of beverages and Trivia Time trivia with the friends.

As it turns out, that last part at least was an unfounded worry as we’ve found an accommodating restaurant that works for our trivia team and the company that runs the trivia.

Last night with Maggie in tow, a 3-legged-dog, and a couple of regulars we managed to place second, with only one baby blow-up that necessitated walking around with the little munchkin in the parking lot cooling her down both figuratively and literally as the poop monster managed to heat to nuclear levels. Considering she’s the spawn of me, that’s to be expected.

After a rather lovely evening the poop machine was a wee bit tired, but having slept through most of trivia and the car ride, she was awake and happy when I started getting her ass ready for bed.

It was a day out with the wife, the baby, and friends, and it seemed to go pretty normally, knock on wood. That’s at seven weeks. I know there’re setbacks and insanity to come, but after this time I’m finally not completely sleep deprived, can wake up at a reasonable hour, and things are starting to feel less like I’m in some sort of screaming torture chamber.

Maggie seems to like the attention she gets in public, and as long as people are appreciating that she’s the cutest thing in the world she seems happy as well.

Also getting to see more of baby actual has been nice. She peeks out more and more these days than the reactionary asshole baby that I’ve come to fear the return of. She’s also developed a psychotic need for a pacifier or to chew her hand and desires to spend an hour or more in the electric baby shaking devices we have.

It’s getting good…

Paul King

Paul King lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and cats. He writes for Pocketables, theITBaby, and is an IT consultant along with doing tech support for a film production company.