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Scanimalz plush QR-code bearing collectibles/app

Scanimalz app scanning the Beta BearScanimalz combine a cute plush toy, QR codes, and rewards-based games. They remind me a bit of a tamagotchi combined with a beanie baby, then throw in top 100 free web games.

Scanimalz basics

You scan each of your Scanimalz daily using an iPhone or an Android with a camera to check in and get points. You also need to scan your Scanimalz after each game in order to get more bonus Scantz, which is the unit of currency or achievement in the Scanimalz app.

The more Scanimalz you have, the more Scantz you can earn, but lest you think you just grab someone else’s Scanimalz QR code, they’ve thought of that with a one-time activation scan located in a pouch underneath the Scanimal.

Scanimalz games

There are four games in the Scanimalz app that I downloaded for free from Google Play. Each game has multiple levels.

Scantz in your pantzThese are Scantz in your Pantz, Scanyon Jump, Scannonball, and Scannic Attack.

Scants in your Pantz involves catching Scantz (ants) as they fall from overheat while avoiding snakes, chairs, etc. After you complete a level you get bonus scantz for scanning your Scanimal.

Scanyon Jump is pretty much Doodle Jump, wit the object being to tilt the device to move left or right and bounce the Scanimalz as high as you can without falling off.

Scannonball involves aiming to shoot your Scanimal past a floating mysterious wood block into a hole. It’s sort of like a dumbed-down Angry Birds, but still kind of fun.

Scannic Attack is whack-a-mole with bombs, evil twins, etc. Tap your Scanimalz, don’t tap any others.

Others are expected to be added – at least I’m pretty sure I read that somewhere. So Scanimalz app should extend far beyond those four games assuming the company prospers.

Scanimalz in addictive action

Scanimalz daily scanEvery day you have an opportunity to scan all of your Scanimalz (at least I think you can scan them all) and receive fabulous prizes. These prizes I assume are all Scantz, but there may be more.

The more Scanimalz you own the more Scantz you can win, and I’m assuming with great Scantz comes great responsibility, but I’m not sure yet. As a late 30’s IT manager by profession, I do not see myself getting really amazing amounts of Scantz.

It does lead to the discovery that these might be your child’s first purchase-to-win plush. I’m not sure how I feel about that. You don’t have to have a Scanimal you play, but you won’t gain nearly as much Scantz.

I’d be a bit wary about this depending on how addictive of a personality your child has.

Who exactly are Scanimalz for?

The description on Amazon says for ages 13 and up. The product and games sophistication seems to be aimed at 4-11 year olds. The technology requirements seem to be for a 10 year old. Their website says nothing

App-wise, I’m not feeling like ages 13 with access to free games on the net are going to be all that interested in the more simplistic games that Scanimalz offers. Similarly I’m not sure that a 4-11 year old is going to be let free with tablet tech. Maybe, I don’t know.

Scanimalz problems

While reading the website I noticed the following “Will my scantz and games be saved if I switch devices.” This is something that if you’re handing a piece of tech to a child needs to be solidly established.

The answer is not unless you registered when you first set up the game. That wasn’t even an option I saw in the starting menus. It’s there, but you have to know where.

Also, when unpackaging Scanimalz, at least with the packaging I got, you end up needing to clip off plastic and string in order to make the bottom of the thing safe. Well, for the younger crowd which I think this is aimed at.


It’s a pretty neat concept, the plush itself is darned cute. I’m a little bit worried about addictive personality children getting a hold of this. And the games that it ships with I do not think will hold the attention of older children.

Still, they’re cute and fluffy and I want to squeeze them and they look cute and geeky.

Scanimalz are currently have eight different styles I see on Amazon, the cutest I think is the Moosic cow, although why with the penchant for using Z’s they didn’t call it Moozik or some such I do not know.

There are many other options available, and you can also purchase the plush on Scanimalz’ web site for slightly more than Amazon

Also, thanks to Wicked Cool Toys for sending that to me.

3.5 / 5 stars     

Paul King

Paul King lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and cats. He writes for Pocketables, theITBaby, and is an IT consultant along with doing tech support for a film production company.