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I am a total sucker for packaging. I also unabashedly love celebrity gossip and the E! channel, so when I heard Jessica Alba started an ‘eco-friendly’ lifestyle inspired by her adorable kin. I had to scoot on over to to check it out.

cute is the word.

With a ‘free’ (you pay $5.95 shipping and handling) trial of a discovery kit, you don’t have much to lose. But be forewarned, like Proactive or Bare Minerals before them –

you are signing up for a monthly membership program.

Starting at $79.95 a month honest sends you what they say is an ‘average monthly usage of diapers’ or 320 for a newborn package. Baby M goes through about 10 a day right now, so I find that reasonable and fair. My discovery package included 8 diapers, 10 wipes and a variety of samples from laundry detergent, baby wash, hand soap and lotion. The packaging and diapers themselves, which I got to choose on my profile, are super adorable. If you have a husband like mine who prefers to leave our poor girl nudie from the waist down out of convenience  this actually matters. If you are an actual decent mother and dress your baby fully everyday, this is a wasted feature that actually goes against the eco-friendly image. (wouldn’t dye free be best?!)

but do they contain explosive poo-cano’s?

As far as performance I find Honest products on par with Huggies. Size 1 is a little big on my 9 lb 6 ounce daughter even though it claims to fit 8+ pounds. Wets and solids were effectively contained in style. Getting nitpicky I am not a fan that they don’t have a soiled indicator like other popular brands. I know, I know – it might mess up the aesthetic they so carefully crafted

but color change wetness indicators are the best invention since sliced bread.

I found the wipes and other personal hygiene products to smell divine, once again – superficial win for, but found the soap to lack a good suds like so many other natural products. At $9.95 for the soap alone I’d go with something from Trader Joe’s or Burt’s Bee’s for slightly less for the same result. The nice smell just didn’t linger on Baby M’s skin like Baby Bee or good ole Johnson’s. The unscented lotion actually had a light nice scent, but came out of the bottle a little watery.

if convenience and pretty prints mean the world to you

then might be your jam. If simple delivery is what you’re looking for there are cheaper options. Customer Service was friendly enough, but when I called to cancel the first time I was told I had to wait until it shipped before it was in their system. Why wasn’t it in the system the minute I gave them my credit card information? This gave me a very narrow window of 7 days from when it shipped to when I needed to cancel before I was charged the nearly $80. When I got my shipment I called right away, and while cordial I was given numerous options to keep my membership afloat including pausing it until Baby M was born and then seeing if I wanted to cancel

because – you know – the first thing on my mind with brand new baby is canceling my diaper delivery service.

After reassuring my representative numerous times that no, I was 100% sure I’d rather just re-up my membership should I choose to continue, I was off the hook for the fee.

Summary –

Pros: pretty, holds waste well, smells nice, convienent

Cons: pricey, eco-friendliness is questionable, no wetness indicator

2.5 / 5 stars     

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