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Remember when?

You could get out of the house with a clutch and a six pack of beer for a cook-out?

IT Daddy and I are headed to a pig roast today – the third annual, but my how things have changed. I used to bound out the house half drunk (pre-game ya know?) with a case of beer and tanning gel.

As I blog, IT Daddy is changing the diaper and I photographed this:



Oh dear.

A sunshade, car seat, diaper bag, breast pump, milk cooler, quinoa salad and a bottle of booze*. Not pictured: camp chairs and a blanket for us.

This is not an uncommon occurrence  its basically every time I want out of the house for more than 2 hours.

Have we all viewed that Pampers of Huggie’s commercial where the ‘experienced’ mom heads out the door with a baby sling and one diaper? Yeah, I aspire to her awesomeness, but can an ACTUAL experienced mom tell me if that ever happens? I mean, the damn sling is on order and I have a bunch of Pampers.

2013-05-17 19.14.11
Connor – my good friends and ex-roommates son; Baby M’s future husband.

Compounding the mess is the fact that our good friends (and my ex-roommate) Chris and his rad wife, Paige have a son 6-7 weeks older than Maggie.

Last night I was bored, I hadn’t left the house on a Bee-u-ti-full Nashville Friday, so I texted Chris and strong armed him into taking the kids to Mexican.

I’ve come to realize people with kids never ever purposefully exclude kidless friends. Dude. We LOVE our kidless friends – its like a breath of sanity in which we speak of things non-baby – we just feel GUILTY for only having lame ass baby anecdote’s to share and a ticking time bomb kiddo that could decide to start bawling for absolutely no reason.

I DIGRESS – that could be a whole blog post.

Point being – it took us 2 HOURS to wrangle baby one and baby two out to mexican dinner. Comedy of errors. SO HUNGRY. You know whats not good for weight loss? Being insanely hungry at 8:30 in front of a basket of chips and a mexican menu.

Its just a good thing to have someone who understands.

You know what? Screw that woman who leaves the house with one diaper.

(*don’t worry family, IT Daddy aka Paul is Memorial day sober driver)

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