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On Post Baby Fitness & Weight Loss

Or ‘get me the hell back in shape and 20 lbs lighter’…

I mean, I’ll call it fitness here, ‘fitness friday’ if you will – a series? We’ll see – I’m pretty lazy and like to start things I never finish, so it may morph into ‘weight loss Wednesday’ or ‘takin’ it off Tuesday’ – excitement never ends on theItbaby.

2011-05-07 18.39.04
Pre-Maggie ITmama and her friends Lauren and Tara – running for fun on Cinco De Mayo.

Some background: I love fitness, well – the idea of fitness.

Pre- Mag’s I could be found sweating it out at Hot Yoga or bustin’ a flow with a tough Ashtanga class, getting all excited for a trial of Barry’s Bootcamp Nashville or soaking up other events around town like spinning at Krank or feeling like an ugly ducking with the beautiful girls who workout with Pure Barre.

My main forms of workouts were running short distances (3-5 miles), yoga and strength conditioning with our group trainer at my job twice a week.

2011-08-20 21.08.34
Just proof I used to be fit!

I’m not sure exactly what I weighed pre-pregnancy as it came as a bit of a surprise, but by the time I decided to start tracking such things (6-7 weeks maybe) I was about 152lbs. I’m 5’9 in case anyone reading this doesn’t actually know me, although I’m pretty sure you all do.

During Pregnancy I kept up the fun at a lighter intensity for about 32 weeks and then became a bum whose idea of exercise was a neighborhood stroll.

By 37 weeks I had only gained 28 lbs, I felt smug and sure I would come in at the ‘perfect’ recommendation of the 25-35 lbs.

Not so much

I guess exercise plays more of a role in my weight than I thought, I should have known, my inner fat kid loves to eat.

2013-03-16 14.55.41


At my 38 week appointment I had managed to put on 5lbs in a week. My midwife was unsure how that happened as was I. My eating habits weren’t perfect but I wasn’t hosing McDonalds either. Weeks 39-41 held bad news as well, in 4 weeks I managed to gain nearly 20 lbs and come in at the big TWO HUNDRED.

Luckily (not so luckily?) at 6 weeks I am back at 170 lbs. It flexes from 169-172 depending on the week.

My general goal is to be back in the 150’s by labor day with a combo of training for the Tomato Arts Festival 5k In August, doing yoga and using MyfitnessPal to track calories to between 1700-1800.

I’m sure time, sleep deprivation and motivation will be a huge factor in bouncing back but hopefully blog accountability will help!

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