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Necessary Swag for Baby and Mama – Newborn Edition

Necessary Swag for Baby and Mama

Its baby season, no really, I know no less than six pregnant people and in honor of Lauren, Natonya, Melissa, Liz, my sister-in-law and Jenny – I present my ‘can’t live without’ list of baby items for the newborn months.

for baby

Mommy's Bliss Gripe WaterMama’s Bliss Gripe Water – reduces gas pains for baby and ear drum pain for mom.

Garanimals Swaddle Me Infant Swaddler – calms baby the heck down, saves ear drums.

Angel Care Baby Monitor – alleviates SIDS anxiety so you can sleep at night by letting you know if babys breathing.

MAM Infant Pacifier 0 months – all the others are too big!

Waterproof Flannel Pads – so useful for changing areas, cribs, laps, your carpet, a car seat…anything you don’t want to be covered in spit, pee or poop.

Newborn Lap Gowns – even if your offspring is male, the  newborn gown is essential for stay at home times for the complete ease of diaper change time; which there will be a million of.

for mama

soothiesLansinoh Soothies Gel Pads – essential for new to nursing nipples, ‘nuf said.

Earth Mama Angel Baby Booby Tubes – hot or cold use. Soothe the rest of your poor boobs. Also, they are called booby tubes – truly excellent.

At least five nursing bras – they get dirty much quicker than your old ones. Trust.

An awesome stroller – don’t skimp. You’ll want to leave the house and a great travel system makes it so much easier.

High quality moisturizer – it might just be me, but I doubt it. My normally average skin has become drier than the Sahara.

Amazing coffee (or your caffeine delivery of choice) – self explanitory

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