the IT city, the I.T. Baby



Long time no post!

IT Daddy turned FOURTY!

We are eagerly anticipating THIS GUY coming to Netflix.


We visited with grandparents who came bearing a cute yet near satanic looking rocking horse. I know he looks innocent and it will be Baby M’s favorite thing in the world when she is 2, but his whinny and slowly moving horse gaze is sure to haunt us for many evenings to come.

Rocking Horse with Animated Head and Tail – Tan Playful Plush


And dealing with gas. Gas is pretty much my favorite funny. I am 5. But I need some strength to deal with watching poor Mag’s suffer to understand why her belly hurts. Enter Pinterest and its ‘pinspiration’.

screw it up




Thanks, I feel ‘momspired’ internet! But my favorite little inspiration remains:



(no babies or PBR’s were harmed in the making of this photograph)

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