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I freakin’ love Costco

Costco is pretty much a must for parents. The membership will pay for itself in 3 months of diapers alone. With some not so scientific research I found the diapers are made by Huggies and the formula is American made and pediatrician approved. Save some benjamins unless your baby has sensitivities, yo!

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IT daddy and I like the diapers more than Luvs and just slightly less than Pampers, but Pampers are for rich people and in the cost versus preference ratio, Kirkland wins.

We actually enjoy the Kirkland unscented wipes more than name brand wipes gifted upon us, including Huggies, Pampers, Honest and Babyganics.

A word on the Babyganics: gross. I love the idea of organic things and these were fairly priced at Babies R Us, but the ‘unscented’ wipe smells like already dirty baby butt. Its sick. I thought baby M was just extra smelly until I realized it was the wipe.

Formula: TBD. IT daddy and I are still going through the sample and gifted fancy name brand formula stock pile we have. My busted up boobies help defer the amount of powder she busts through and my sister’s roomie works for a pediatric clinic. (SCORE!) But rest assured we will be reviewing that finely priced baby chow soon, because we love Costco – and we’re cheap.

(photos and prices May 2013 Nashville, TN – your Costco may vary)

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