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Google adds some serious baby tools to Google Plus Photos

Maggie AutoawesomeWouldn’t it be great if you had a way of showing off your little precious and every photo you took had a professional editing touch?

Google Plus just may be for you

While Google Plus has become known somewhat as a joke where only programmers, blog writers, and Google employees go to hang out and talk about it not being Facebook, they also have a ridiculous set of online photo editing tools and an auto-awesome feature.

Google Plus burst animations

The picture above was taken with my HTC EVO 4G LTE in burst mode. If you’ve got a kid, you need a camera with burst mode to capture that moment. My phone allows a 20 (or more technically) shot burst mode to capture every smile. burp, or cute moment you can while holding down the button.

Google Plus will now stitch those together into a neat little animated gif so if you want to showncase your baby you’ve got something you can slap into your blog, webpage, or email to friends.

 Google Plus Autoframe


The autoframe feature works by looking for people in the shots you’ve uploaded. My guess is using Google Plus’s face-recognizing feature it then figured out who goes where in the auto frame. If it gets it wrong, you can go in and edit it yourself though.

Google Plus photo editor

Google Plus has incorporated a photo editor with simple effects such as crop, rotate, exposure sliders, color enhancements, sharpen and resize. It also features a significant amount of filters to make your photo pop.

One of my favorites is the focal black and white filter which allows you to desaturate all of the photo except for one area… this makes for nice B&W shots with baby being the only thing in color. Really makes her pop out of the shot.

You can decorate your photo with by doodling on it, face painting, pixelating, add jaunty bears, crowns and tiaras, masks, and a serious slew of easy-editing tools that you can get for free just by having a Google Plus account.

The additional perk of having 15 gigabytes of space for all your photos and an option to have them auto-uploaded and auto-awesomed in the background make Google Plus the place for baby photos.

Even if you’re not an introverted programmer or a blogger. It’s free, awesome, and you’re going to eventually use it anyway when the interworld becomes the googs.

Link: Google Plus

Paul King

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