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Cheap Stylin’ Baby Likes: Garanimals

Let me clarify this point; my hippy heart hates Wal-mart, but this is not a blog about that. Its about baby crap. Being as how I, myself, enjoy fashion and that certainly extends to dressing staff reporter Maggie, I am interested in finding the cutest infant duds my non-profit salary can find.

Maggie and I have certainly popped some tags as seen below.

2013-04-25 10.34.07

(Pink and brown ensemble – courtesy $1 at the local Thirftsmart)

But I’ve also discovered cute mix and match pieces from Garanimals! My taste tends to run, we’ll say ’boutique-y’ – I lust after $50 baby separates hip and bohemian alike. On a recent desperate run to the aforementioned corporate giant I shall not speak the name of again, I came upon great items which I could compare to some other high-end apparel. Thanks Garanimals!

newborngirls_hoodie_hearts newborngirls_jeggings_denim itgirls_printedtank_black IT-Girl-SRolled-Short-Plaid-Pink


Super cute! $2.50 to $3.88 in Nashville, TN retailers.


Stretch Denim Jeggings for Baby - Dark Denim

Similar items from Old Navy, Ralph Lauren and Frankie & Ava.

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