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MAM Animal Pacifier review

MAM Animal PacifiersMAM Animal Pacifier overview

The MAM Animal Pacifier kit has an instruction sheet and two pacifiers for ages 0-6 mo. According to staff reporter Magnolia, the size is just right for a three-week old and has the correct shape to adequately stimulate an infant’s interest.

This review should end here except for they added a new twist to the paci game.

MAM Animal Pacifier packs some technology

Along with the two pacifiers for about $6 USD, you also get a travel case. This travel case doubles as a sterilizing center with the aid of a microwave, 9 ounces of water, and eight minutes of time assuming your microwave has been pre-sterilized, wiped down, and is clean and free of oils which might degrade the case and pacifiers.

Basically the carry kit allows you to boil the pacifiers after bathing them in microwave radiation for later insertion into your child.


The travel case is designed to allow you to clean the pacies wherever you are, but wherever you are is going to require power, a clean microwave, fresh water. Usually if you have those, you’ll have some soap handy and can rinse them off.

I’m not sure what makes you a more horrible parent: potentially soaping your child’s mouth with a time-tested method of anti-contamination that allows a 99.99% success rate of killing germs and bacteria, or using nuclear and carbon-produced fuels to power a machine to irradiate the things.

Personally I’d go the soap route, use less electricity, use less packaging. But that’s me.

The MAM Animal Pacifiers are available for $9.99 with $6 shipping for the ones I have, as little as 5.99 for others but also additionally with shipping.

They recommend you chuck them after 1-2 months of use, which sort of defeats the purpose of this elaborate transportable sterilization chamber as that’s the same as with the 12 for $2 setups.

I guess it’s probably good business to use the concern or your child to sell product.

3.5 / 5 stars     

Paul King

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