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Boon Winter Grass Countertop Drying Rack review

Boon Winter Grass Countertop Drying Rack

Boon Winter Grass Countertop Drying Rack

The Boon Winter Grass Countertop Drying Rack is a 9.5″x9.5″ BPA-free two-pice drying rack for holding baby items in ways that make them dry correctly.

It features a bottom tray to collect any water, so you can dry your baby items in locations that may not be conducive to getting wet, although with that tread with caution as one slip and you could spill a lot of water.

The Boon Winter Grass Countertop Drying Rack vs the competition

OXO Tot Bottle Drying RackAs I don’t own any of the competition and can only go by pictures of the items, you can assume this entire section to be total BS as an actual hands-on sort of thing, but going by pricing and pictures we have my impressions of the OXO Tot Bottle Drying Rack, which is basically the same thing for a couple of bucks more but looks more like green Q-tips and a little less natural.

The First Years Spinning Drying RackThere’s The First Years Spinning Drying Rack which retails for $19.75 and aims to stack higher rather than wider. Doesn’t seem capable for forks or spoons, although as I said I don’t have these products so my impressions are just impressions.

I’m not really sure why the ability to spin the upper and lower racks independently is something you would be interested in having, however it appears this is a big review plus. I guess whatever rotates your baby bottles.

Munchkin Sprout Drying RackThere’s also the Munchkin Sprout Drying Rack. I don’t know how to properly explain the nightmarish feelings I get when seeing this thing, but it reminds me quite a bit of The Matrix and those flying squid things.

I just don’t particularly like the thing, it looks like it would break, and the footprint seems a bit large for something that seems to not hold particularly more items even though it’s 4″ tall.

Then again my dislike of this is mostly due to the fact that I have a feeling it’s a plot by our robot overlords to get in good with children from the time they’re able to see. Bad robot overlords. BAD!

Munchkin Deluxe Drying RackIf ever there was a product that would set your child up for a life of methamphetamine cooking ala Breaking Bad, the Munchkin Deluxe Drying Rack would be it.

It’s quite a sterile look, and coming in at $8.62 it’s a great way to hint to your child later on that they were a test tube baby.

Aesthetically I dislike the thing, but there’s no particular reason.

There’re 14 pages of similar items by different manufacturers with slight variations, but these were pretty representative of the styles that were out there so I figured I’d showcase them.

Why should you get the Boon Winter Grass Countertop Drying Rack over the competition?

No particular reason, it’s a great product, a little more expensive than it needs to be, but it’s been an incredibly useful tool on the first few weeks of my baby’s life.

Cleanup is pretty much a breeze unless foodstuffs get in there, which they shouldn’t but do manage to do. You can just hose the thing down though.

I actually really like this product from the design to the function. This was one of the more memorable baby gifts we received somewhere behind the Britax B-Agile Stroller.

The Boon Winter Grass Countertop Drying Rack is available from Amazon for $18.12 and I’m pretty sure I saw them at Target also.

PS: I’m colorblind, so if I got the wrong shade of green in the review, cut me some slack. I got the right color I’m pretty sure but may have missed the shade of green.

4.5 / 5 stars     

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