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Top 5 geek onesies on Amazon for March 2013

The nerds have spanwed, and it’s time to attire the newborns in the clothes that will define them for life. If you’re in the IT crowd, you’re probably wanting something with a little geek onesie flair.

So for the week of 3/27/13 I present the best geeky onesies I found (in my opinion,) that Amazon has to offer. You can click any of these to be taken to a purchase page, if you don’t want me to get a referral commission off of the purchase, simply remove the “tag=tib06-20” in the URL you’ll be at and I won’t see a dime of those Amazon geek onesie millions.

The geek force is strong with this geek onesie

Minitrooper geek onesie


Some onesies are not geeks, they’re Nerds



That’s some geeky s**t right there in that onesie

Geeky diaper loading onsie

 In a similar s**tuation, the iPood


To boldly go… and go again… and again…

Star Trek'n

That’s what I found for this week. I’ll try and dig deeper and elsewhere next and bring about some geekier. If you’ve got anything amazingly geeky, feel free to toss it my way.

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